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    One month from today it will be 12 years since I left corporate America, and I can’t believe how fast the time flew by. I could have chosen an easier path in life, but destiny kept calling, and I couldn’t keep ignoring it. I know the state of our people, and I have […]

    H&R Block is based here in Kansas City, MO and I spent my last 3 years of college (years 1997 – 2000) working there in the tech support department – where I provided support for the local offices, rapid refund, tax software, and other software products. I held various positions – Technical support specialist, […]

A major advantage of learning my personality type, is that I have come to realize how common it is for the 1% – 3% of people who are wired like me (i.e. INTPs) to stay so focused on what we consider to be higher level activities, that we often end up neglecting our own physiological […]

    Lately, there have been many instances of police brutality and police killings being reported which have garnered national attention – Mike Brown, Andrew Scott Gaynier, Ezell Ford,  Dillon Taylor, Dante Parker, Omar Abrego, Jacinto Zavala, Diana Showman, Michelle Cusseaux, Joshua Paul, Joseph Jennings, Guillermo Canas, Chris Lollie, Bryce Masters, and many, many others     I thought I should share […]


  It is 7:30am local time and I just woke up. One of the first things that I did is check (one of my favorite websites) to see what I missed in the world. After spending nearly all day traveling yesterday to get to Kona, Hawaii from Kansas City, Missouri, I was pretty exhausted […]

This is a sad, sad day and my heart goes out to those families grieving from the events that occured today in Aurora, Colorado.   Us law-abiding people have to start taking some responsibility for protecting ourselves, our neighbors, and our loved ones against these psychopaths, instead of continuing to “hope” the government will show […]

  This isn’t going to be the type of post that offers unqualified legal advice.  The standard disclaimers all apply to find a suitable lawyer to provide you any legal advice that you need. What I am writing about here is the “common sense” things that I see people doing wrong.  I will present one […]

February 29th, 2012 –   Leap Year,   We only get this “extra” day once every 4 years, so how did I spend my “extra” day?   Hired One Employee (Paralegal) Hired Another Employee (Data Entry) Had a Meeting With A Family In Need of Affordable Housing Took My Sister To Lunch (While Supporting a […]

I try to tell people all the time that persistence pays off. Today, I just did it again.  I picked up a HOUSE for one of these: That was not a down payment, that was not a tip, that was not even the notary fee. That was what got paid to the owner of the […]

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