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The dates have been confirmed. I will be speaking at the Doubletree in Overland Park, Kansas on Saturday, December 17, 2011. Come begin your “Path To HomeOwnership – NO CASH, NO CREDIT, NO BANKS”; and afterwards stay to attend the KLASSY MODEL COMPETITION…… More Details to come……   The Current Date Now is:

‎”Buy when there is blood in the streets.”……..John D. Rockefeller     It has been said that Rockefeller was the richest man in American history. In fact, many considered him America’s first billionaire at a time when the average household income was only $438 per year. He invested into assets when everyone else told him to […]

 One of my mentors is Louis Brown.   He has been investing for over 3 decades and has taught thousands of people how to earn millions investing in real estate. His story is very similar to mine, in that he bought his first house at 19 years old, and I bought my first house at […]