Do not make the mistake that I did.


I purchased my website hosting from the same company that I purchased my domain names from.



I spent over 2 years frustrated, upset, and overpaying when I needed help. This domain company used a proprietary interface for their hosting services, which meant that none of the virtual assistants that I used were familiar with it.


A business lesson that I learned was that the quickest way to turn an expert into a rookie is to take away the tools that he is familiar with and force him to learn how to use a new one.


That lesson applies whether we are talking about lawyers, doctors, plumbers, or web designers.


Even the best new tools come with a learning curve, and when you are in business, you are not paying your workers to spend ALL of their time learning.  You are paying them to spend the majority of their time completing the tasks that you delegated to them.

Providing your workers what they need and what they are used to makes it easier for them and ultimately less expensive for you to get the results that you are looking for.


For anyone who plans to have a website, it is critical to have good, reliable hosting.  We have spent a lot of time and money researching which company is the best.  Surprisingly, the best hosting is not very expensive.  The hosting plan that we recommend everyone start with costs less than $10 per month and it can handle an unlimited number of domains.  It also comes with unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

Do not make the mistake of purchasing a hosting plan that limits your bandwidth.  Imagine that your site has finally become popular.  A popular site is one that has lots of traffic – hundreds, thousands, or if you are extremely successful millions of people viewing your site each month.   Traffic equals money in your pocket.

So what happens if your site runs out of bandwidth?

Well, would happen is that when your customers try to go to your site, instead of seeing your site, they will see page with an error message like the following:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded


If that happens, not only would that hurt your bank account balance from lost income, but it could also jeopardize the relationship you have with your customers, since some of them might never come back.


Our website has been chosen to be sponsored by one of the biggest and best hosting companies on the internet.


To view the best hosting plans that we have found, click here:


Once the page loads, you will be able to click the yellow button that says “VIEW WEB HOSTING PLANS” and we recommend that you start with the medium plan.


The smallest plan only can host one domain, and if you don’t already, after following our training you  will soon own several websites and domains.

The largest plan comes with a free toll free phone number, but that will not be necessary for most people.

The medium plan will be suitable for most people as it provides hosting for an unlimited number of domains, unlimited disc space, and unlimited bandwidth.  This is the same plan that I use.


For a limited time, the sponsoring hosting company has provided a special discount for our members, which takes up to $9.95 off the cost of the first month of hosting, which will make your hosting account free for the first month when you choose the hosting package that we recommend.

Once you click the ORDER NOW button, you will enter the domain name that you chose, and at the bottom of the page, you will be able to enter the following member’s only discount code:




Be sure not to enter any spaces in the discount code.  You will know that you entered it properly when you go to the next page, and it tells you that your first month will be free.

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