I try to tell people all the time that persistence pays off.

Today, I just did it again.  I picked up a HOUSE for one of these:

That was not a down payment, that was not a tip, that was not even the notary fee.

That was what got paid to the owner of the house to deed it to me.


People will ask, what kind of house did I purchase for that, and here are a few details about the house:


Good Things About The House

  • New Siding Installed Less Than 7 Years Ago
  • New Windows Installed Less 7 Years Ago
  • Attic Was Converted To A Third Bedroom
  • The Property Taxes Last Year Were Only $128.11
  • We Already Own or Control Over a Dozen Houses in the Same Neighborhood
  • There is No Mortgage On The Property – Totally A Free and Clear House



But of course there are a few negatives about the house


Bad Things About The House

  • Needs a New Front And Back Doors Since The Old Ones Were Stolen
  • Needs $500 Worth of Plumbing Repairs Since The Copper Was Stolen
  • Needs 3 Days Worth Of Patching and Painting On The Inside
  • Needs New Carpet In Every Room
  • Needs New Appliances



While others may disagree, I think the good definitely outweighs the bad on this one, so I’ll add this to the “win” column for the week.

A couple months ago, I had my virtual assistant hunt down the owner of the property and has been following up with them on a weekly basis ever since.  Today ended up being the day that all of his hard work (persistence) finally paid off.

I love it when everybody wins:

  • The previous owner gets rid of his biggest headache
  • My VA gets a bonus
  • I get another free and clear property


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