One of my mentors is Louis Brown.   He has been investing for over 3 decades and has taught thousands of people how to earn millions investing in real estate.

His story is very similar to mine, in that he bought his first house at 19 years old, and I bought my first house at 20.

I purchased my first apartment building at 21 years old and Lou also purchased his first apartment building in his early 20s.

Although I was first exposed to his teachings very early in my investing career, I first heard him speak live in 2008 in Las Vegas at the MrLandlord annual convention.  To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.  I have heard dozens of people speak over the years, and none stood out to me the way that Lou did.

The biggest difference was that while others sell dreams, Lou teaches his students how to effectively grow their business.  His systems help define goals that are simple, scaleable, and reachable.

In May 2011, I had the opportunity to go to the MrLandlord annual convention in Saint Louis.  At this convention, I was able to get to know him personally.  He is as great of a person on stage as he is off.  During our many private one-on-one discussion, several of his students walked up and interrupted, overcome with joy about his teachings.  I was amazed and impressed, despite the fact that I knew that his teachings were responsible for a lot of my success.


I was able to record a testimonial from a couple of his students that weekend:



The two ladies in the video talk about how Lou taught them to purchase a 24 unit apartment building with no money down, financed at 3% interest.   Suffice it to say that Lou Brown is the real deal.


After discussing Lou the advanced real estate systems that I have been developing and implementing for my business, Lou let me know that he was as impressed with me and my strategies as I was with his.


That weekend, Lou and I had several discussions about expanding our strategies on a nationwide scale.  He did a video testimonial for me, to let the world know about the respect that he had for me as a resource:



Lou invited me to his 2-day advanced training, called Millionaire Jump Start, which will be held in Orlando, FL on August 20th and 21st.


Details about the Millionaire Jump Start training can be found here:


I plan to take one person with me who is really serious about improving lives.


Please CONTACT ME if you are interested.

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