This is a sad, sad day and my heart goes out to those families grieving from the events that occured today in Aurora, Colorado.


Us law-abiding people have to start taking some responsibility for protecting ourselves, our neighbors, and our loved ones against these psychopaths, instead of continuing to “hope” the government will show up in time and save us from these merciless criminals.


Out of the hundreds of people in attendance, if as few as 1 or 2 of them would have had a concealed carry license, then maybe at least one of those 12 people executed in cold blood this morning would have made it home to see their families today, and maybe the killer would have been stopped long before he was able to shoot 71 innocent husbands, wives, sons, and daughters.


The theater in which this event occurred has a “No Guns Allowed” policy, which meant that even if someone in attendance did have a concealed carry license, law-abiding people still would have had no possible way of defending themselves, their family members, or their neighbors against an armed criminal.   It has been confirmed, that at least 4 of the shooting victims were either military veterans or were active members of the military.


We Americans have to stop deluding ourselves, and starting dealing with reality.  As we have seen in this event, and in countless other similar events over the years, a criminal will not be discouraged by a “No Guns Allowed” sign, or by any law that gets passed.


These psychopaths are bullies – which means they like to prey on the innocent people or those who appear to be “easy” targets.  They don’t choose the kind of victims that they expect will fight back.  Common sense tells us, that is the reason why you rarely (if ever) hear about a police station or shooting range getting robbed.   They criminals choose victims that they believe are unable or unwilling to defend themselves.

I constantly hear people make ridiculous statements about passing laws that make it harder to purchase guns as if that will make it harder or impossible for criminals to get guns.  We live in America.  That means that there are already 90 Guns in the US for every 100 US citizens. 30% of the guns that exist on this planet are located here in the US, while the US contains only 5% of the population of the entire world.

There is no law that can ever be passed in the US that will prevent a criminal from getting access to a gun.


I hear people who naively believe that the police will protect you.  The reality is that while the police do have a duty to protect the public, they do not have a duty to protect any particular individual.


A Massachusetts statute spells out the rule there: the government has no legal duty “to provide adequate police protection, prevent the commission of crimes, investigate, detect or solve crimes, identify or apprehend criminals or suspects, arrest or detain suspects, or enforce any law.

”Richard W. Stevens

Just Dial 911? The Myth of Police Protection



Stop acting like the police are there to protect you, they will even tell you the exact same thing themselves:


Police do very little to prevent violent crime. We investigate crime after the fact.

Richard Mack

former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona




Just because YOU don’t like guns, don’t stand in the way of the law-abiding ex-police officer, military veteran, or even good samaritan who wants to have a fighting chance against the psychopaths of the world.  In the end, it could be you, or one of your loved ones, who needs someone to protect them.


Consider the following example:


Exactly 1 week ago today, on July 13th, 2012, in Gainsville, Florida 2 men entered a store attempting to rob the customers at gunpoint.   One of the customers, a 71 year old hero, saw what was happening, and did what he had to do to protect everyone in the store from certain harm.

Embedded below, you will find a video of the entire incident.


In the Gainsville incident, it was only the criminals who got shot, and ran away, fearing for their lives.

If only the poor people in Aurora, Colorado would have been so lucky today.



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