It is 7:30am local time and I just woke up. One of the first things that I did is check (one of my favorite websites) to see what I missed in the world. After spending nearly all day traveling yesterday to get to Kona, Hawaii from Kansas City, Missouri, I was pretty exhausted when I finally arrived last night.



Surprisingly, the tsunami didn’t cause any delays for me at the airports, but each of my two layovers posed their own challenges.


My first layover was in Denver, where for a couple hours I had to endure watching Bronco fans and John Elway posters everywhere I went.

denver airport

The only thing that made me feel comfortable was knowing that Denver played the Saints in the Sunday night game, and I hoped that my cousin would be activated by the Saints for the game so he would have an opportunity to pick off a Peyton pass (or two) like he did to Aaron Rogers last year. I still don’t know who won that game and I am scared to look.


Pictured here with the Saints, but currently plays for the Texans

My second layover was in San Francisco, where I was initially so thankful that I was able to catch the final 3 quarters of the Chiefs game. I was convinced that we were going to pound the Raiders into the Aarowhead turf, which would have allowed me to walk around in the Raiders own Bay Area backyard with my chest poked out, full of that Aarowhead pride. Of course the Chiefs let me down (AGAIN) and not only did they ruin my taste for football, they ruined my taste for the amazingly awesome Reuben sandwich that I was eating while watching the game.

san francisco airport

I boarded the plane, full of anger and disappointment, and midflight the pilot came over the loud speakers to tell us passengers that the San Francisco Giants had just won the World Series, so the Bay Area had even more reason to celebrate that day.

Sometimes it sucks to be a Chiefs fan who has spent his entire life rooting against bay area sports teams,┬ábut I have to give credit where it’s due, and I could at least feel good that the┬átsunami didn’t ruin my vacation…


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