“Learning is not a destination, but a journey.  When you stop learning, you stop living.”……….Nigel Johnson   I have an insatiable appetite for learning.  I have been convinced that in our business and personal lives it is not optional, but mandatory for us to continue to grow.  This growth does not happen by chance.  It […]

When choosing a domain name, you will always want to begin with the end in mind.  What this means is to define your goals for the domain that you are creating. It often helps to imagine marketing on the internet as funneling information.   Prospects enter at the top.     Customers exit at the […]

I frequently hear people say that they have a difficult time understanding how to earn income online. To help them understand, I break the process down into 7 simple steps that anyone can follow.   Step 1: Choosing A Domain Name Step 2: Best Website Hosting Step 3: Website (CMS) Step 4: Design Step 5: […]

The perfect system does not exist, and it never will.  There is no such thing as perfect, but what does exist is an opportunity to reinvent oneself as often as necessary to do things better than before. From 1988-1999, Toyota’s Lexus brand used the slogan “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.”  They didn’t claim to be […]

One of the most important lessons that we were taught in life, was to not to keep all of our eggs in one basket.  Those that ignore this most basic of instructions are doomed to suffer the consequences. Gone are the days of working for one employer for 40 years and living on your pension […]

I can remember like it was yesterday. I couldn’t afford the internet bill, and even if I could the electricity was off in my house so I couldn’t use my computer anyway.  I had to scrape up enough loose change around the house to put gas in the car so that I could make it […]

Growing up, my mother was a fan of collecting ceramic home decorative items.  Thinking back, there were two that I thought about more than any other.  I imagine that may have had to do with the fact that they were nailed above the toilet for many years.  As a really active little boy, I drank […]

Growing up, my mother was a fan of collecting ceramic home decorative items.  Thinking back, there were two that I thought about more than any other.  I imagine that may have had to do with the fact that they were nailed above the toilet for many years.  As a really active little boy, I drank […]

It is day 4 of my 2 week vacation in Jacksonville, Florida.  As I sit here in my hotel bed, I am suddenly inspired to start writing.  I am staying at the Sheraton hotel and I realize that  I am truly living the life and I am definitely blessed.  It is now 3pm and I just woke up an hour ago after three straight nights of partying like there is no tomorrow.  Life is good.  In fact, life is as good as you want and make it to be…



Even though I have only been awake for an hour, just as many things have gotten accomplished today as if I had gotten up at 6am.  The funny thing is, what woke me up was not an alarm clock, but a phone call from my lawyer James, letting me know that a check I had been waiting for had just arrived at his office.  He wanted to know which bank account I wanted him to deposit it into.  How dare he interrupt my sleep, for things of so little importance? 🙂

I gave him the account number, and spent 20 minutes discussing with him some ideas about new business ventures that I had dreamed about.  He gave me some constructive input, then told me he would start putting things into motion for me.

The next call I got was from my maintenance manager Neal, letting me know that all of the projects that I assigned to him to be completed this week have already been completed ahead of schedule and under budget, and today is only Monday.

Minutes later, I hear my business partner Mike coming into the hotel room.  I let him know that last night on the way to the club; I found, interviewed, and screened 5 prospective new employees.  I did all that by email using the internet on my cell phone, and I would probably hire 3 of them.  We spend a few minutes laughing about the sticker on the back of the hotel door which states that the room rate is $450 per night.  It is funny because we are paying nowhere close to that amount.  We both understand the only rule in life that counts.  That rule is “everything in life is negotiable.”

Once you get a clear understanding of that rule, accept it, and learn to implement it into all areas of your life, there are no limits to what you can achieve.  You will soon learn that the only limitations are those that you place on yourself.  It matters not where you come from, your educational level, your business experience, your family background, or how much money you have in the bank.



Life is good.  Life is DAMN good, but only if you allow it to be.







An analogy of life would be that people are individual drops of water in the ocean being subjected to various currents that they may not understand or even be aware of. When people are born, they naturally fight the current, but as they become more CONSCIOUSly aware, they become less UNconsciously aware, and eventually stop fighting the current.

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I went to a public swimming pool. Despite the fact that I didn’t know how to swim, I ran past all the kids my age who were swimming in the shallow end, and immediately went to the deep end, where the bigger kids were. I was running and before I jumped in, I rationed in my head that when I jump in, if I couldn’t swim (acknowledging and empowered the negative) I could either reach my legs to the bottom of the pool to push myself to the top, or if I was too high to reach the bottom, I could reach my hand up and out of the water to summon for help. I hadn’t considered the possibility that I could sink to the middle of the 12 foot deep pool, unable to reach neither the bottom or top of the water, which is exactly what happened.

For a while I struggled, fighting with all my might, but after a while I eventually gave in. I remember closing my eyes, relaxing all of the muscles in my body, releasing all of the air in my lungs, at peace with my situation, waiting to die, arms stretched out, suspended in the water much like Jesus was suspended from the cross. At that point, I was beyond giving up, patiently waiting for the inevitable. At that point, a hand reached in the water and pulled me out.

The next thing that I remembered, I was on the side of the pool, on my hands and knees coughing up water. All I could remember seeing was a bunch of feet standing around me, while my lungs and life were being restored. In a sense, I had my rebirth and I never got a chance to see the face of nor thank the person who pulled me out.

As we become more consciously aware, we give more weight to the possibilities that we can imagine, than we give to those that we cannot. As we succumb to this illusion, our perspectives which are flawed by default, empower the negative outcomes, and will them into existence.

To be unconsciously aware, is to operate without doubt, for doubt poisons the soul.

A newborn baby that is put in water instinctively knows how to swim, for it has not yet been taught that it couldn’t. Only after becoming more consciously aware, which many consider to be the definition of living, and then acknowledging and empowering the negative plausibilities, that I later became convinced were possibilities, I began to confuse them with truth.

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