Domain Names for Online Marketing



Domain names chosen for online marketing purposes must be suitable for achieving our online marketing goals, which are to building instant credibility, position us as the solution to a problem their biggest problem, explain our USP.  These domain names are typically longer since they usually state an obvious benefit – a solution that solves the site visitor’s most urgent problem.


This stategy is useful for the following online marketing campaigns where site visitors are attracted online:

  1. email marketing
  2. craigslist
  3. ebay
  4. forum marketing
  5. social media marketing
  6. blog posting
  7. youtube marketing
  8. backlinking
  9. etc.

Online marketing efforts are typically designed so that leads end up on a strategically chosen, designated, targeted, optimized landing page on a site we control, so that the lead can continue proceeding through our sales funnel.  You can consider this the automation of the sales process, because at no point in this, does any manual action need to be taken.

  1. The lead received our marketing message when searching google
  2. Our domain name and tagline developed interest in the lead –
  3. The lead became a prospect, by visiting our site and voluntarily providing us their contact info, which added them to our mailchimp follow up list
  4. An autoresponder service such as Mailchimp and/or a CRM such as VTiger is set up to automatically segment the leads – , or
  5. Targeted followup messages are sent to the leads to warm them up to doing business with us
  6. Followup messages include calls to action, which allow prospects to initiate and often complete the sales process 24 hours per day with little to no manual labor involved from our team members (consider where the entire sales process is completed online – from searching, ordering, fulfilment, and reviews)



Domain Names for Offline Marketing




In the offline arena, campaigns obviously have to follow a different strategy in order to best achieve our defined goals – need a shorter domain, easy to remember,  must be a .com, not easy to misspell etc..


Here are some examples of offline marketing campaigns where you will consider using this strategy:

  1. bandit signs
  2. vehicle magnets
  3. billboards
  4. radio ads
  5. television ads
  6. etc.


The landing pages that offline site visitors end up on will be less targeted to the specific visitor’s unique situation and but is generally going to be applicable to the average person who visits the site.   Offline marketing efforts are typically designed so that leads call a designated phone number (often a vanity number), or to a specially designed mini-site.  The phone number will often have a 24 hour recording that directs the caller to the mini-site, or allows the caller to press “0” to be transferred to a call capture service.

This strategy of funneling offline traffic to a mini-site is designed to focus on offering one particular solution, that is going to be applicable to the largest group of site visitors who share the same pain.  Visitors are often asked complete a website contact form and receive a reply from the company.  Replies are typically not automated, and are typically in one of the following formats:


  1. telephone call
  2. email
  3. physical email
  4. live chat



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