Growing up, my mother was a fan of collecting ceramic home decorative items.  Thinking back, there were two that I thought about more than any other.  I imagine that may have had to do with the fact that they were nailed above the toilet for many years.  As a really active little boy, I drank a lot of water, which of course meant that I spent a lot of time standing in front of the toilet in direct view of those ceramic items.

5 o’clock signifies the beginning of “happy hour”, which is a celebration for reaching the end of your workday.  I remember when I was first exposed to that clock, I was a child so my viewpoint was not that of an adult.  I had no visions of ending a hard work-day, going to the bar, watching the game, eating at a restaurant, and basically relaxing for the rest of the day.  You see, that is an adult way of looking at things.

Most adults have learned to adopt an “employee’s” perspective of the world, which is based on emotion and driven by fear.  Enjoyment in life doesn’t begin until the work is complete.  We plan our vacations around our day job.  We spend time with the people who matter the most to us on the weekends.  We save our enjoyment in life for after workdays.

As children, we were born with an “entrepreneur’s” perspective, which is very innocent and reality-based and driven by logic .   You see, a reality-based perspective is that little voice inside all of us – which often speaks the loudest to us when our emotions don’t match your environment.

I saw that clock and imagined that it represented a situation in which every hour of the day, I was responsible for producing the output of a full 8 hour shift.  Every hour, I would be expected to do the jobs of 8 men.  I had visions of me playing the part of John Henry, racing against a relentless machine.

I had seen the days that my mother came home and passed out physically exhausted from working one shift battling the freezing cold for 8 hours per day working at the ice cream factory.

I had seen too many days of my Dad coming home from his job as a guard at the county jail mentally exhausted from wrestling with inmates for 8 hours per day.

That is what I saw at 5 o’clock everyday in my life.  Why would I want every hour of every day in my life to be like that?  “Happy Hour” might as well have been “Misery Hour” for me.  That crazy clock above the toilet literally scared the crap out of me.

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