A major advantage of learning my personality type, is that I have come to realize how common it is for the 1% – 3% of people who are wired like me (i.e. INTPs) to stay so focused on what we consider to be higher level activities, that we often end up neglecting our own physiological needs – which can be likened to planting seeds of cancerous negativity in our relationships.

The reality is that all needs, including the supposed “lower-level” needs really DO matter, and impact our day to day lives in more ways than we can imagine. Looking back over my adult life, I now realize and can admit this has led to me ruining many quality relationships, because I was incapable of understanding and communicating the cause of my constant frustrations. In the end, I would convince myself the other person was to blame for how I felt, and I would ultimately move on to another relationship where the cycle would continue.

I recommend that both singles and couples listen to the following PersonalityHacker.com podcast which goes into further details:

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